You're It

High school senior Julia Thomas should be obsessed with Prom, snagging a perfect boyfriend, and decorating her future college dorm room, like the rest of her friends. Her mom’s perennial alcoholic binges followed by stints at a rehab “spa” should make her scream with rage. Her dad’s near-total absence from her life should make her resentful.

Instead, the only thing Julia Thomas feels is detached. Numb.

She’s pretty sure spending some time away from the suffocating sinkhole that is Pittsburgh, PA is the only thing that would help, but Dad still thinks Julia is an irresponsible little kid and won’t foot the bill. Her last hope is to win Senior Tag, which basically means spending the final weeks of senior year running around town half-naked trying not to get squirted with a water gun. Julia has always thought the game was stupid, but it’s pay-to-play with a two thousand dollar payout for the winner. Underwear and ridiculousness aside, Julia needs the money.

There’s only one problem – a very cute classmate that Julia only noticed when he joined the game, too. Alex Winston is fast, handy enough to engineer his water gun into a far-reaching soaking machine, and bound and determined to win.

He’s also funny, sweet, the only guy who’s ever really listened to her, an amazing kisser…and the only thing standing between Julia and the cash she needs to get out of town for the summer.

Julia is in serious trouble.


Praise for One

No one writes sweet and awkward teenage romance like LeighAnn Kopans, and YOU’RE IT is certainly no exception to that statement. Alex and Julia might be two of the deepest, most well-formed characters she’s written to date (and might, MIGHT usurp Sofia and Callum as my favorite couple in this series of companion novels), and I craved their happily-ever-after. Add in the fun and hijinks of mostly naked water gun tag, and how can you not love YOU’RE IT?

Answer: you can’t. Because you will.

Trisha Leigh, Author

The Last Year series