About Us

We are clinical domain experts focused on meaningfully integrating technology through patient-centered approaches. We combine published evidence and expert derived knowledge to add value by facilitating best practices in cutting-edge care.

Our approach is to focus on the ‘last ten yards’ of clinical realization: from actionable information to realized improvements in health and wellness.




JOE MORGAN MD – President & Nextgen Clinician

A practicing physician Anesthesiologist that focuses on applied physiology and developing innovative systems of care.




NUNZIO PAGANO DO – Nextgen Clinician

A practicing Primary Care physician who is focused on leveraging technology to deliver high-value patient-centered care.




TOM WELCH PHD – Chief Neuroscientist

A psychology professor, neuroscientist, and educator who focuses on behavior and cognition.



patelRAHUL PATEL MD – Nextgen Clinician

A practicing Emergency Medicine physician who focuses on relaxation, revitalization, and rapid clinical assessment.



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